Martin Occupational Medicine PC has been wonderful in helping our company with our occupational health needs.  

- Bettina, Lexington, NE

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Dr. Douglas W Martin has 21 years of experience in the occupational health field.  He is an international expert on impairment and disability. Read More

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On-site services, administrative support, claim reviews, and much more.

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CME for providers,

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Let us help you with the challenges of workers compensation.


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Look for the new book "Complex Regional Pain  Syndrome - What is the Evidence?".  Dr. Martin and 5 experts contributed to this work.  Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  All profits go to Veritas Medicus, the AADEP Foundation. 

In the News

Dr. Martin recently completed NRCME Training for 45 providers affiliated with the Southcentral Foundation in Anchorage, Alaska May 11-14, 2015